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“The Greatest Sandbox MMO!”

Second edition of the game MO2 is in development!

Links to their discord and everything are on the website!

MO2 Images are slowly going up as i get HD photos!

Website Underdevelopment!

I’m currently working on building a truly functional wiki for Mortal Online. Database work is a pain and im still learning! After Release i hope to have a MUCH better and more informative site 🙂

This website is seeing hundreds of new views a Month! Once MO2 gets more concrete ill post detailed info on MO2. For now all MO1 info is accurate they have not changed much from base MO1 functions. However everything in MO2 is a lot quicker skills wise since its in Development but its Beautiful, MO1 map is roughly still accurate but on a small scale compared to MO2, If you guys want more updates on this site Hit up Dionysus from the Mortal Online Discord with ideas and suggestions! This website is 100% funded by myself and a passion of love 🙂

The Updates i do to the Wiki can be found here!

The Mortal Online Forums are a wonderful Source of Knowledge as well!

Mortal Online Forums

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I hope I have interested you in this wonderful game!! Here is their website!

Mortal Online Website!

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Mortal Online account creation!


Mortal Online is on Steam!

Join the Community through Discord 🙂


(Work in progress a lot more to come! Mainly waiting for MO2 to get more built as MO1 will probably die once the second game is back)